A Little Bit About Me

My Name is Jessie and I am a 20 year old graphic designer. I have always been a creative person, even as a child. Traditional arts such as sketching, painting, and sculpting, as well as modern arts like computer animation, graphics, and 3D modelling, have all piqued my interest as I have grown up. However, the graphic arts caught my attention the most as an emerging adult. So, with ambition (and a little hesitation) I applied to the 2020 Graphic and Web Design program at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

Throughout my time at the Centre for Arts and Technology I was able to not only polish my talents, but also uncover new ones. It was through this experience that I decided I wanted to become a Graphic Designer. There is something truly fulfilling and satisfying in being able to bring other people’s ideas and imaginations to life.

Since making the decision to become a Graphic Designer I have worked very hard to expand my knowledge of the field. I have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of numerous programs such as photoshop and illustrator, as well as working as a freelance designer.

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